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GTS-Infotel Nigeria was created in 2005 with the primary objective was to become a pioneer Mobile Access Provider to Enterprise MVAS accessible to the entire base of mobile Consumers on dedicated VAS long numbers over Voice, SMS & USSD channels.

For more than 10 years, GTS-Infotel Nigeria has been a leading VAS Provider specializing:

2-way SMS Shortcodes

Provision of 2-way SMS Shortcodes services through direct connections of its SMS Gateway platform to the 4 mobile network operators to Enterprises and other VAS Providers.

VoiceMail & Missed Call Alert

Provision of VoiceMail & Missed Call Alert solution to Globacom.

Aggregation of Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT)

Aggregation of Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) and other digital Content on MTN & Airtel networks, in partnership with various local & international Content Providers.

As of today, GTS-Infotel counts more than 50 local Enterprise customers as reference for SMS Shortcodes services, across the following main sectors: ICT/MVAS Technology including Startup, Bank & Insurance, FMCG Brand, Marketing Agency, Media, Education.

However, facing with multiple challenges in the development of its core business, GTS-Infotel finally obtains a second VAS/ Special Numbering Service licence in July 2014 with blocks of 0700-longcodes in June 2017.

With these new resources, GTS-Infotel is still in process of interconnecting its core VAS network to all the local mobile GSM networks in order to introduce into the market the 0700-longcode numbers (also called mobile DID) dedicated to Cloud Business Communication services accessible to all mobile GSM subscribers over Voice, SMS and USSD channels.

Our 0700-Longcodes service offer will address the high demand from various local Value-Added Reseller partners, including: Unified Communication Service Providers, ICT/Web Service Providers and Startups.

Morever, in the context of the digital economy, and with its new Mobinawa network,

GTS-Infotel is now positioning itself as the first local mobile OTT-VAS Operator, a pure-player in the Telecom & ICT Ecosystem, specialized in the provision of Unified Mobile Access services to Enterprise ICT & digital services accessible to all mobile Consumers via:                   

            *  Mobinawa App across Internet network

            *  Dedicated VAS long numbers (Longcodes) across all local GSM networks.

Designed and deployed in the cloud by GTS Africa, the Mobinawa network is the first socio-professional network

Designed and deployed in the cloud by GTS Africa, the Mobinawa network is the first social-professional network and a key element in the success of digital business transformation in Nigeria.

After 3 years of R & D, the Mobinawa network is now deployed in its pilot phase in Nigeria.

For more information on the Mobinawa network,

GTS-Infotel delivers cutting-edge solutions to its valued clients, relying largely on the strength of its alliances, its sophisticated technology and its highly skilled human resources.

The value of its technical expertise and professionalism has enabled the company and his founder to earn industry recognition:

GTS-Infotel Nigeria is the first licensed VAS Provider, appointed as a member of the Industry Working Group on Shortcodes regulation setting up by the NCC in 2013.

The National Executive Council (NEC) of Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), appointed the Founder & Managing Director of GTS-Infotel Nigeria to serve in the capacity of Coordinator, Value Added Services Providers in the 2014 – 2016 National Executive Council of the Association.

In October 2015, the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) granted to the Founder & Managing Director of GTS-Infotel Nigeria, the Pioneer Award for his humongous contribution in the development of Telecoms VAS market in Nigeria.

In July 2018, The Founder & Managing Director of GTS-Infotel Nigeria was profiled among the 100 leading Telecom & ICT personalities in Nigeria, a book published by ATCON.

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