GTS-Infotel Nigeria

The 1st Mobile VAS Network Operator in Nigeria, a new type of MVNO for Business VAS communication solutions.

GTS-Infotel Nigeria

GTS Infotel Nigeria

Incorporated in 2005, GTS-Infotel Nigeria Ltd is a pioneer mobile VAS company in Nigeria, owning 2 types of VAS licenses:

  1. VAS / Shortcode license with a block of SMS Shortcodes, acting as a VAS Provider.
  2. VAS / Special Numbering Service license with blocks of long VAS numbers in 0700 series in the national numbering plan, positioning itself as the first Mobile VAS Network Operator.

For 10 years, GTS-Infotel Nigeria has been a leading mobile VAS Aggregator specializing in the provision of:

  • Premium SMS Shortcodes for transactional services across the 4 MNOs (9Mobile, Airtel, Globacom, MTN) to Enterprises and other VAS Providers.
  • Automatic VoiceSMS service infrastructure, integrated on GLO network, with Supranetcom as technology Partner.
  • CRBT Content Aggregation on MTN & Airtel networks, in partnership with various local content Providers.
  • Entertainment Content Aggregation on MTN network, in partnership with international content Providers.

Our Vision

To simplify and improve the Business Communication Experience in the digital era by bridging the gap between mobile telecom networks and Internet networks for full Enterprise’s ICT Convergence.

GTS-Infotel is reinventing the Mobile VAS Business Model in Nigeria, powered by its GTS Network

Our Mission

To be the leading Mobile VAS Network Operator, providing GTS numbers to Businesses for end-to-end authenticated and secured digital VAS communications with mobile Consumers.

Our Philosophy

The sustainable development of mobile VAS segment in the era of digital economy relies mainly on the setup of an ecosystem that allows all the players involved in the value chain to earn equitably.

Acting now as a MVNO for Business VAS, GTS-Infotel Nigeria is now specialized in the provision of:

  1. GTS Numbers dedicated to Businesses, enabling them to offer Mobile VAS as well as to use other VAS provided by other players.
  2. A wide range of digital mobile communication solutions for personal usage (between 2 Mobinawa users) and professional usage (B2B and B2C).
  3. An alternative solution to GSM networks for :
    • the promotion and sale of digital content to Mobinawa subscribers
    • the mobile Payment of Merchants via their mobile banking service provider

The value of its offerings, technical expertise, and professionalism that helped GTS-Infotel to secure the above market opportunities has also enabled the company to earn industry recognition: 

  • GTS-Infotel Nigeria is the only licensed VAS Provider, appointed as a member of the Industry Working Group on Shortcodes regulation setting up by the NCC in 2013.
  • The National Executive Council (NEC) of Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), appointed the Founder/Managing Director of GTS-Infotel to serve in the capacity of Coordinator, Value Added Services Providers in the 2014 – 2016 National Executive Council of the Association.

GTS-Infotel delivers cutting-edge solutions to our valued clients, relying largely on the strength of its alliances, its sophisticated technology and its highly skilled human resources.

You are a local IT/Web Service Provider, a VAS Provider, or a Content Provider, You are an International CPAAS Provider, a VAS Content Provider, and you would like to partner with GTS-Infotel Nigeria?


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