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GTS Number

GTS Number

GTS Number is the branded name of our VAS long numbers assigned on dedicated basis to Business Customers for all their VAS Communications services accessible to Mobinawa subscribers free of charge via digital channels (Voice/Video, SMS/MMS) as well as to mobile subscribers at standard rated tariff via GSM channels (Voice, SMS).

All our VAS long numbers range are part of the national numbering plan, and allocated by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC).

VAS Long Number range Accessible by Access tariff Basic service
0700 330 0000 - 0700 330 9999 Mobinawa subscribers
GSM subscribers
Free of charge
Standard off-net tariff
Inbound Voice/Video/SMS
Inbound Voice/SMS

The provision of an GTS Number assigned to a business customer consists of its activation and configuration of the customer’s Voice service account on the GTS-VoIP Switch core network, for the reception and routing of inbound voice calls.

Depending on the customer requirement, this account can be linked to the GTS-Unified Communication & Collaboration platform (UCCP) or can be linked to any VoIP Application platform hosted & managed by the customer via SIP protocol through Public Internet or local Internet (by direct physical cross-connect in NIXP data centers).

In option, an GTS number can also support the following services:

  1. Outbound Voice/Video call 
  2. 2-way SMS messaging  

The GTSTM number service is addressed to the following target:

  • Enterprises of any size and type
  • Administrations
  • Call center Operators
  • Mobile Payment Service Providers
  • Digital Content Service Providers

With the recent release of the Mobinawa App in the Google Play Store and Apple Store portals, the basic GTS network is now in its pre-operational phase in Nigeria. 

Hence, all types of Businesses are inviting to join the GTS network by participating free of charge in its pilot phase. To this end, simply fill the contact form and send.

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