The GTS-SMS Messaging Gateway

The GTS-SMS Messaging Gateway

The GTS-SMS Messaging Gateway

The GTS-SMS Messaging Gateway is a carrier-grade platform, deployed in a local datacenter, with multiple SMPP connection links to SMS application platforms, and with direct SIP or SMPP interconnectivity links with local GSM networks.

The SMS Messaging Gateway enables the creation of each customer SMS account identified by its IP address and the activation of one or multiple assigned GTS numbers configured per default for inbound SMS service.

In addition, each GTS number associated to a customer SMS account can also be configured to operate Push SMS service with the assigned GTS number as SenderID.

Features of the GTS-SMS Messaging Gateway

  1. Activation of one or multiple GTS numbers or Shortcode allocated to each customer (Enterprise and Reseller) account, and configured for inbound SMS service
  2. White-list of GTS Numbers as senderID, enabling sending of MT message only from authorized GTS numbers, in order to  block fraudulent/spamming messages.
  3. Black-list of Mobinawa Numbers for Bulk SMS with DND: A Customer has the possibility to send unsolicited Bulk SMS Promotion/Advert messages with his assigned GTS number as senderID to the entire base of local Mobinawa subscribers anytime from 8AM to 8PM. In case a mobinawa subscriber don’t want to receive such type of message from this particular GTS number, he/she can easily opt-out by just replying STOP to the assigned senderID. Then, the Gateway will automatically block the subsequent sending of the messages to all the Mobinawa numbers included in the black-list corresponding to this GTS number.
  4. Number portability, enabling routing of MT message to right local GSM network if the recipient mobile number is ported and not registered as mobinawa number.
  5. Fast and secure transport & delivery of SMS messages to/from Customer SMS platforms to mobinawa numbers with 100% DLR rate.
  6. Billing of MT message only if the message is successfully delivered to mobinawa subscribers.
  7. Detailed SMS traffic report and Statistic with delivery status (transmitted, delivered to the terminal, pending, failed), and SMS credit balance, accessible via web interface by customer.

GTS Network enable Businesses to build seamless digital communications experiences that help connect, engage, and retain mobile customers. 

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