The Mobinawa App

The Mobinawa App

Mobinawa App

Mobinawa App is designed for mobile digital Consumers to communicate free of charge in the GTS network over Voice/Video and SMS/MMS channels for:

  • Personal needs (P2P) – Communication with any Mobinawa Number included in the phone contact database of the mobile subscriber
  • Professional needs (A2P) – Communication with Business VAS platforms via online GTS Number (IN) Directory. 

The Mobinawa App enables also the Consumers end-users to access and read free of charge some useful information in the first phase of launching. 

The Mobinawa App is available to the public on free of charge download in all Android & IoS smartphones and tablets.

With the recent release of the Mobinawa app in the Google Play Store and Apple Store portals, the basic GTS network is now in its pre-operational phase in Cameroon and Nigeria.

GTS Network enable Businesses to build seamless digital communications experiences that help connect, engage, and retain mobile customers. 

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