About GTS Africa

Since its inception in 2002,

Global Telecom Services (GTS) Africa’s objective was to become the first Mobile Access Provider in Africa through its local operations, specialized in the provision of dedicated VAS long numbers to Enterprise Audiotext (Voice, SMS, USSD) services accessible to all mobile GSM subscribers under transparency and non-discriminatory conditions.

The provision of VAS long numbers service in each country is subject to:
• The acquisition of a specific type of Telecom service license with range of VAS long numbers in the national numbering plan.
• The signing of VAS interconnection agreements with each GSM Network Operator for the activation and operation of these VAS long numbers dedicated to Audiotext (Voice, SMS, USSD) services, offered by local Enterprises to the entire base of mobile subscribers.

After more than 15 years’ experience in the development of mobile VAS through its affiliates GTS-Infotel in Cameroon and Nigeria, GTS Africa is now positioning itself as the first pan-african mobile OTT-VAS Operator, a new player in the African ICT Ecosystem, specialized in the provision of unified mobile access services enabling Enterprises & Institutions to offer digital value added services to mobile Consumers via the Mobinawa App across Internet networks, as well as via dedicated VAS long numbers (Longcodes) across the local GSM networks over Voice, SMS & USSD channels.

Thus, becoming the first “MobiTech Startup” in Africa, GTS Africa has for the past 3 years designed and developed in the cloud the new Mobinawa network, the first business-social network and key component of the success of the digital transformation of companies in Africa.

With the technical assistance of GTS Africa, the 2 local companies have recently been granted a Telecom VAS licence with ranges of VAS long numbers and are currently in process of interconnecting its core Mobinawa network to all the local mobile GSM networks in order to introduce longcode services dedicated to Enterprise MVAS in Nigeria and Cameroon.

GTS Africa will progressively extend its Mobinawa network to other countries in Africa, through the setting up of strategic partnerships with local licensed telecom services Operators including Internet Access Providers, in order to enable them to become a Mobile Access Provider for Enterprise VAS.

For more information on Mobinawa network, kindly visit mobinawa.com.

GTS Africa has devoted significant funding in “Research and Development” towards the analysis and evaluation of the technological platforms of various international vendors of products for the provision of various types of mobile Business VAS solutions, to fulfill the requirements of the African market.

Our Philosophy:

The sustainable development of Enterprise mobile VAS market in the era of digital economy in Africa relies also on the introduction of new players in the ICT ecosystem called “Mobile Access Providers” in complement to “Internet Access Providers”.

Our Vision:

To make Mobinawa the suitable local business-social network supporting the mobile-first transformation of Enterprises of all sizes.




Our Mission:

To be the leading pan-African Mobile OTT-VAS Network Operator, providing SMART Access to Business ICT & Digital services accessible to all mobile subscribers over multiple channels across Internet networks via Mobinawa App as well as GSM networks via dedicated longcodes.

GTS-Africa SAS

16 Rue Ampère

95300 Pontoise, France

Tel : +331 82 88 48 88

E-mail: contact@gts-infotel.com

GTS-Infotel Nigeria Ltd

Philips Building, KM 16,Ikorodu Road,

Ojota Bus Stop, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 1 632 3403

E-mail: contact.ng@gts-infotel.com

GTS-Infotel Cameroon SA

Rue de l'Independance,            Immeuble Face Calafatas.

B.P 11722, Yaoundé, Cameroun

Tel: +237 243 065 473

E-mail: contact.cm@gts-infotel.com