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Mobinawa App

     Built on an international leading white label softphone development platform, Mobinawa is the first of its kind business-social network designed to support a wide range of in-app services offered by local Enterprises including mobile network operators to digital mobile consumers using Mobinawa App.

The current version of Mobinawa App enables any user to access free of charge to the following in-app services:

Personal communication:

A Mobinawa subscriber can communicate with any other Mobinawa subscriber from his contacts directory over the Voice/Video & Messaging channels.

Professional communication

a Mobinawa subscriber can easily and securely access to a wide range of digital services offered by each company via its Mobinawa page listed in the online business directory of a selected country. Based on dedicated shortcodes or long VAS numbers, these digital services are conversational type over Voice & SMS channels and transactional type over the WebApp channel.

Call reporting

Mobinawa subscriber can easily view and manage the history of his voice & message calls made, received and missed. He can also view, listen and share any recorded voice call.

Professional softphone:

Mobinawa App supports a wide range of advanced IPBX service and features, which can be configured by the user if needed:

  • via the parameters of the application: personalized ringtone, personalized music on hold, call forward, recording parameters
  • during ongoing voice call: call record, on hold call, call transfer, attended call transfer, double call, 3-party conference call.
  • In option, a group of Mobinawa subscribers belonging to a small enterprise can be configured to receive incoming professional calls from external contacts to the company’s automatic call attendant service via its Mobinawa page.

Mobinawa App, the All-in-One mobile communication App for SMART access to digital business services, is available in Google PlayStore and AppleStore for download by any digital mobile subscriber in Nigeria.

Once the Mobinawa App is installed on the smartphone or tablet of the mobile subscriber, he must enter his active mobile number to receive a verification code by SMS on his GSM handset to finalize his registration into the Mobinawa network.

Mobinawa Page

    In the digital economy era, any type of Enterprise of any size can now have a visibility in the mobile space by subscribing to a Mobinawa page, enabling any Mobinawa user, irrespective of his home country, to access freely to a wide range of digital services over Voice, Messaging and WebApp channels, offered by the company.

The Standard Subscription Pack of Mobinawa Page includes:

Cloud PBX / Personalized Auto Call Attendant service

with up to 5 simultaneous inbound calls and 3 receptionists on the Mobinawa App

One user account on GTS-Cloud Enterprise SMS platform,

enabling the customer via the web interface to send free of charge unlimited SMS to Mobinawa users.

WebApp API:

For integration into Enterprise ICT platforms and enable easy and secured access from Mobinawa users, without the need to enter their mobile number

SMS Shortcode number

We provide 2 types of SMS shortcodes to our Enterprise customers.

Allocated to us by the Regulator (NCC), we provide SMS shortcode numbers in the format of 5-digits which are accessible to Mobinawa users at zero cost and to mobile subscribers across the 4 local GSM networks (Airtel, Globacom, MTN, 9Mobile) at different end-user tariff: N10/SMS, N30/SMS, N50/SMS, and N100/SMS on revenue share basis if applicable. It can be assigned to customers on dedicated mode or shared mode with keywords.

Depending on the customer requirement, the provision of SMS Shortcode service consists of the creation and configuration of an SMS account on the GTS-Cloud ESMS platform, enabling the customer operating his own application platforms (identified by specific IP addresses):

To receive via a specific HTTP API, all SMS-MO

To receive via a specific HTTP API, all SMS-MO Messages sent by mobile subscribers and/or Mobinawa subscribers to his assigned shortcodes for processing

To send via a specific HTTP API, SMS-MT

To send via a specific HTTP API, SMS-MT messages in response or not to SMS-MO messages with the assigned shortcode as sender-ID.

Cases of SMS-MT messages:

If a recipient number is included in our blacklist database ...

If a recipient number is included in our blacklist database or included in our DND database of a particular senderID, SMS-MT messages sent with that senderID to the number will not be sent.

If the message contains an illicit word...

If the message contains an illicit word which is included in our spam keyword database, SMS-MT messages sent to any recipient number will not be sent.

If a recipient number is included in the external...

If a recipient number is included in the external Mobinawa numbers database, SMS-MT messages sent to the number will be routed to Mobinawa network.

If a recipient number is included in our Ported numbers...

If a recipient number is included in our Ported numbers database, SMS-MT messages sent to the number will be routed and transmit to the corresponding ported network.

0700/0800-longcode number

Our 0700/0800-longcode service offer if not yet available, as we are still finalizing multichannel interconnection agreements with all the 4 MNOs.

GTS-Cloud VAS Platforms

In option to the shortcode/longcode numbers, we also provide to Enterprises various types of VAS platforms in hosted & managed mode.

Provision of Enterprise IPBX / Unified Communication & Collaboration services, including a web-meeting module with external participants via weblink

Provision of Multichannel Contact center services via Email, SMS, Voice, Facebook, Twitter

Provision of SMS services with multiple user accounts including modules: Bulk SMS, SMS-MO/MT API.

Provision of Mobile Marketing services including modules: Bulk SMS, SMS Voting, SMS Txt & Win, SMS Loyalty Reward, QR Code, SMS API,

Customized Development & on-site or cloud Hosting of a customer on-line services Platform with Integration to the customer Database to be accessible to mobile subscribers via SMS channel as well as to Mobinawa Subscribers via WebApp portal

Click Here for more detailed description of their VAS platforms.


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